Commodity trading

GR Line working close with partners which is large Bitumen & Asphalt company and involved in the technologies, production, packing, shipping and export of Bitumen, as well as assistance in formulation and production of Bitumen Specialty Products (e.g. Polymer Modified Bitumen - PMB/ Polymer Modified Asphalt - PMA) providing services to all groups along the supply chain, from Governments & Municipalities through to Construction Companies & Refineries.

Our product & services range include:
• Polymer Modified Bitumen (PMB)/ Polymer Modified Asphalt (PMA)
• Penetration Grade Bitumen
• Viscosity Grade Bitumen
• Cut-Back Bitumen
• Bitumen Emulsions & Fluxed Bitumen
• Special Bitumen Formulations
• On Site production of PMB & other specialty products for Super Paves
• Consultancy Services for formulation of specialty products
• Consultancy Services for Pavement Design & Mix Design
• Consultancy Services for Quality Control & Quality Assurance
• Sourcing & Procurement Consultancy Services
• Other services for the Bitumen Industry

Doing business across borders successfully requires understanding of cultural and technical issues involved. Different specifications and performance criteria are often used in the country of destination and in the country of origin of products. Our partners has the knowledge to supply clients with products that meet their specification requirements using various specifications and standards, including the European Norm (EN), ASTM & AASHTO as well as to assist Refineries and producers to create products that meet the requirements of target markets and clients.

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