Ship survey service

Vessels are technically-sophisticated, high-value asset with complex structural and mechanical requirements. The condition of almost all types of ships will deteriorate over time, values will decrease and risks will increase as ships end their economic useful lives.

For shipping investors and financiers, who are far remote from the ownership and operation of these assets on a daily basis, it is vital to ensure that ships are operated in accordance with industry best practice, while maintaining value and maintaining the integrity of the assets while minimizing risk. A simple and cost-effective way to reduce pre-impairment, asset depreciation and increased risk is to periodically assess the condition of your asset (s).

GR Line works with market leaders to provide quality, comprehensive and objective condition checks to the global shipping industry. Since 1998 we provide unparalleled insight into the condition of different types of ships, which guarantees a consistent and objective assessment each time. Leading banks, funds, landlords and financiers use our prudential services to fully understand the status of their investments and ensure that their collateral is maintained to an industry best practice standard, while maintaining values and minimizing risk.

Many of our clients have made critical decisions based on reports prepared by our partners and generally accepted by reputable financial institutions as an acceptable independent confirmation of the condition of ships.

With GR Line, you can expect rapid report change, large-scale worldwide availability, and competitive pricing. Most importantly, you get the report straight to your inbox, which you can easily understand and act on accordingly.

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