Ship Sale & Purchase

Our unparalleled experience and resources help customers successfully sell and buy ships, contract newbuild ships and organize the scraping of older tonnage in all major shipping centers around the world. With many brokerage partners in Athens, New York, Houston, London, Oslo, Shanghai, Singapore, Genoa, Hong Kong, Copenhagen, Rotterdam or Hamburg, we are directly involved in each key market. Our company has a well-regulated sales and purchasing team in terms of both the number of brokers and the number and value of transactions performed.

Buying and selling brokers specialize in ship brokerage, and their clients and customers are usually shipowners. Ship brokers play an important role in the business of buying and selling ships. They deal with ships, which are a technically complex commodity, and they are volatile in the international market and can change incredibly. Brokers should have a good knowledge of ships and their owners, as well as provide specific information about each ship and the current market scenario, as this helps them to advise their clients on its possible direction.

A ship broker can enter into transactions for new or "used" ships, liaising between the yard and the buyer in the first case and then with the two owners. As shipowners change, price can affect their profitability over their lifetime, so the broker’s liability is high. Ships are assets, and brokers know that they play a vital role in the business of selling such assets. It can be sold several times during the life of the ship. The value of a ship is determined by its condition, quality and market conditions. Ships are sold almost every day, and ship brokers generally remain responsible for handling sales.

Selling a ship can involve huge sums. So this important business requires competence and a lot of professionalism. Negotiating the price as well as any terms of sale is a very important part of a broker’s expertise. The broker may be instructed by the seller of the vessel or the prospective buyer. Representing a seller, a broker can look for clients either from their contacts, both in the community of brokers and among shipowners who own the same type of vessels and may want to buy.

The main goal of ship brokers is to get the best price for the clients. The world of any ship selling and buying broker accelerates as soon as a potential deal is seen. The price and conditions can be agreed and a contract prepared. Leading ship brokerage companies in Europe or elsewhere in the world always have a lot of ships in their books, and meeting the needs of the seller is quite easy if it is not a specialized vessel or the needs of the customer meet the realities of the market.

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