Now a days investors are feverishly looking for opportunities to make money by investing in a digital products and the companies that develop such products. Traditional businesses with physical products become unattractive to investors in many cases, as the opportunity to make quick and high earnings is small, and returns often so far from expectations. Especially since both businesses face significant challenges and risks. Why should an investor choose a digital product developer rather than a physical product developer? Many investors who investing in digital businesses face the short life of a product that is rapidly becoming moldy as newer and faster similar devices or products with greater capabilities have already appeared on the market. Especially often, digital technology has a “bottle neck” - that is, it cannot live independently. So most of them depend on global technological giants.

If you are looking for areas in which you would like to invest and you are looking for more serious portfolios than cryptocurrencies or other areas where fast and high returns are promised, then feel free to contact us. We want to offer you several sectors in which we want to attract investors who are interested in us and we have experience in those areas, and we can manage it and achieve the intended results.

- production and modification of oil products (investments are small buyout up to 15 million Eur equity)

- maritime transport solutions (investments are in the area of mid market buyout up to EUR 150 million equity)

- production of consumer goods (investments are small buyout up to EUR 15 million equity)

- production of hi-tech products for defense and other areas (investments are small redemption capital up to EUR 25 million)

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